All platform solution provided by Ascot Prime allow clients to trade FX and CFDs. This can be done through our webtrader, MT4 or mobile applications. Variable Leverage is offered by us up to 1;400. More exotic FX pairs or less liquid CFDs are liable for leverage limitations. Over 100 traded assets are offered by Ascot Prime across platform and asset class.

Foreign Exchange

The Forex market is an “OTC” over the counter markets which means there is no single centralized location for this trading to take place. The Forex market is the largest single market on the planet with over $5Trillion USD traded each day. Open from Monday Morning in New Zealand through to Friday evening in the United States this market place can be accessed throughout the week in any time zone. Enhanced periods of liquidity and market depth can be seen through European and American trading sessions as these areas are responsible for a great deal of the daily volume which flows through the FX market. Many trading opportunities can be seen within the FX markets as range of markets is extensive from the “Majors” which constitutes the largest most liquid currencies around. Through to the Exotics” which are constituted by emerging markets currencies or currencies of smaller nations.

How to trade Forex

Forex or trading foreign exchange is a complex culmination of simultaneously buying one currency against the value of another. You make a prediction and assess whether you believe the base currency (first quoted currency in a pair) will likely rise in value or fall in value against the quote currency (second currency quoted in the pair). If you believe that the base currency will strengthen against the quote currency you would “go long” or buy the market. Contrastingly if you believe that the Base currency will likely fall in value against the quote currency you would “go short” or sell the market. With buyers and sellers both participating in the market at the same time a price fluctuation is derived from the strength of the buyers versus the strength of the sellers. The direction of the prevailing market movements will have an impact on whether your individual positions are in profit or loss making situations. Each currency pair is usually quoted to five decimal places. EURUSD 1.09969 it is the increase or decrease in this value, which you are speculating on. The fourth decimal point is know as a PiP and stands for percentage in points. If you are “long” you want the rate to increase, if you are short you wish for the rate to decrease in value. Always remember that trading forex in conjunction with the use of leverage gives you the ability to trade much larger size contracts than your initial financial outlay. Although the use of leverage can positively impact the profits you make it can also have a very detrimental impact on your financial position if you incur losses on a position which has utilized a great deal of leverage.

Factors impacting the Forex market

There are many factors, which can impact the value of one currency against another, these can be localized movements or Global. Some of these events will bread more uncertainty and therefore more volatility than others.

Economic News

Large nationwide news events, which report on the financial stability of an area, can have a huge impact on the value of a currency. These news events include, national budgets, unemployment rates and inflation reports. If such are reports are deemed to be “better” or “worse” than expected you can expect to see increased volatility across the market, more visible in the domestic currency of the area announcing the report. Economic Stability of an area or a nation is of the upmost importance to the strength of its currency. If a region is seen to be struggling economically then the underlying value of its currency will falls against its peers. Unforeseen events such as natural disasters or the outbreak of war can also have a major impact on financial and currency markets. Not only are you likely to see the fall in value of the local currency where the natural disaster may take place. Or war break out. You are likely to also see a rise in the perceived safe haven currencies around the world such as the US Dollar (USD) or the Euro (EUR).

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