Swaps/ Rollovers are a fee charged for holding position overnight, a financing cost. This fee can either be positive or negative meaning, you will either be charged to finance this position overnight or you will receive a payment for holding this position overnight. There are many factors impacting what these swap fees are charged at and they are variable in nature, meaning, they are liable to change from one day to the next. The prevailing interest rate in the region of both base and quote currency have an impact on the price of the swap as well as standard money market rates and liquidity provider fees.

Most assets offered by Ascot Prime have a settlement period of T+2 or T+3 this means that the trade is settle two or three days after the trade date. Because none of these position physically settle and you take no actual delivery of the asset, all trades that are left open at the end of the day (23.59.59 platform time) are automatically rolled over in to the next trading day and will have the swap charge or credit applied. PLEASE NOTE: All financing costs, which are applied on a Wednesday rollover will be three times the usual size, this is due to weekend settlement accounting and is industry standard.

Ascot Prime calculates its swap rates by considering our up-stream liquidity providers financing rates. We reserve the right to adjust these rates at our sole discretion in the interest of competitiveness and external costs. The swap rate associated with a specific asset can be viewed through your trading terminal. Simply right click “market watch”, left click “Symbols”, select the asset you wish to view and finally view the “properties” tab. Rates can then be viewed and are labeled as points 1.0. This is the equivalent of 1/10 of a pip.

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